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About Me
About Me
  • I am Sarah.
    I am a Romance Consultant for Intimate Tickles
    I am excited to be a Romance Consultant for Intimate Tickles where quality wins every time over quantity.
    I am a native of Minnesota, Born and raised here.
    I have two girls ages 22 and 14. And two dogs, both girls.
    (How my man stays sane with so many females, well that is a mystery to me! Bless his heart)

    I am excited and proud to introduce and demonstrate high quality adult toys along with sensual products made with only the best ingredients

    Our toys are made with superior material that is nonporous and safe for most with the expectation of lasting a life time.

    I have a gift of helping people feel at ease, allowing themselves to relax and enjoy themselves.

    One of my goals is to help every woman I meet, find her sexy and wear it proudly. No matter her size or age. Thus enhancing her relationships both in and out of the bedroom.

    So let me ask you this:
    Are you ready to have fun?
    Are you ready to feel, taste, smell and learn
    new things while laughing and enjoying yourself?
    Than lets Party!!

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