Our Sex Playlist: Top 5 Songs for Having Sex

Music heightens emotions. The right tune played at the right time could make us do everything from run faster to dance harder. An ill-timed tune, however, could take the wind out of the sails of an otherwise positive, emotionally-charged experience.

And while sex in silence is always a safe bet, reaching for that play button could quickly tip the scales of sensuality toward either lust or bust, especially if you’re with a new partner. So to ensure you play it safe and sound, LELO offers up its top tunes for getting in a lovemaking mood.

Fast, Fun Sex: 

Janelle Monae – Make Me Feel

We can’t be the only ones whose heart started thumping right along with the beat when we first watched the video for Janelle Monae’s latest – an homage to her mentor, none other than the late-and-great-at-making-sexy-music, Prince.

Goes great with: the ultra-powerful SIRI external massager for some amped-up intimacy.

Gentle, Sensual Lovemaking:

Sabrina Claudio – Unravel Me

Once Unravel Me starts up, we get completely undone.It takes the standard slow jam to a deliciously and excruciating pace, hence its excellent pairing with the shared pleasures of couples’ ring TOR 2. Think about it – intense vibrations for her and a more (ahem!) pronounced presence for him; what’s not to like?

Sexy Foreplay Massage:

Childish Gambino – Redbone

You may have first heard this song in the terrifying Get Out, but this slow jam from the endlessly-talented Donald Glover will make you seriously want to get down.  It also keeps the beat for your hands to follow along to with a romantic rubdown with using a Flickering Touch Massage Oil.

Kinky, Medium-Paced Sex:

Rihanna – Pour it Up

From the woman who gave us S&M, there’s no way Rihanna wasn’t making our list. This song (and video) is all about putting on a performance just for you partner, and at LELO, we think this calls for a little bondage and role play.

Goes great with: playing prisoner to passion with the SUTRA Chainlink Cuffs.

The S&M Experience:

Nine Inch Nails – Closer

Featuring lyrics that leave nothing to the imagination, this Nine Inch Nails favorite’s gritty, semi-funky number will encourage you to give and take discipline without feeling intimidated or sadistic. If it’s a little too hard-core for you, we also love Foo Fighter’s take on Prince’s Darling Nikki –  the song that famously brought about content warnings on music.

Goes great with: some risqué romancing with the Dare Me Pleasure Set.

While unfortunately, music can’t dance for you (if you know what we’re sayin’), it’s the universal mood-setting medium that could tip the scales of sensuality in your frisky favor. Just remember to play safe.

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