How to Smell Good and Attract Almost Anyone You Deeply Desire

Knowing how to smell good is essential if you’re looking to pick someone up. Here’s how to make sure you attract anyone you like through scent alone.

You just can’t deny that smelling good is really important when you’re trying to meet someone new. If you walk into a date with body odor or other unpleasant aromas wafting off you with every step, your date won’t like you. That’s why you should always know how to smell good.

It can mean the difference between an amazing date or a horrible one. Plus, you’re more likely to get a second date if you walk around smelling nice than if you smell awful. People just like those who smell pleasant. It makes them want to be around you more.

But shouldn’t I let my natural pheromones come through?

We’ve all heard about pheromones and their role in dating – and mating – but you can’t just get all sweaty and allow yourself to smell disgusting on a date. That’s not how pheromones work.

You can’t consciously smell pheromones. They’re something you pick up on subconsciously and you’ll still pick them up even if the other person is doused in cologne or perfume. It’s something your brain recognizes even if you don’t.

That being said, your brain will definitely notice if someone smells like body odor and that will mask any attraction the pheromones are working hard to make happen. In truth, it’s better to smell great to someone who can pick it up rather than letting those pheromones do the work. [Read: 17 aspects of attraction that have nothing to do with appearance]

How to smell good and attract someone right from the start

If you’re looking to make sure your first date goes well or even to meet someone to potentially date while out one night, knowing how to smell good will only do you favors. It’ll help you pick up that special someone and up your chances of them being attracted to you.

#1 Stay clean. This should be pretty obvious but you’d be surprised how many people just don’t feel like showering – even when they’re going out. Usually, this is because they don’t think they need to after a long day of work. They’re wrong.

Even if you’ve been sitting in a cubicle all day, your body is still excreting small amounts of sweat and odor. That can add up and make you smell pretty undesirable. Shower before you go out and this will make you smell better right away. [Read: Smelling bad and 14 other major turn-offs for girls]

#2 Deodorant is a must. Don’t forget this. Seriously. Your armpits are full of sweat glands and they’re warm, moist environments. That means they’re perfect for trapping bacteria and that bacteria is what gives you a horrible stench. Right out of the shower, load up on that so you avoid that nasty body odor.

#3 Get a nice collection of cologne or perfume. You don’t have to buy super expensive stuff for it to be effective. However, you do want to avoid really cheap stuff. Buy some middle-grade scents and have a few different options. This makes it easier to just spritz and go.

#4 Make sure the cologne or perfume mixes well with you. Not all fragrances smell the same on your skin as they do in the bottle. Because of your own pheromones, the fragrances mix with your natural scent and adjust slightly on their own.

In order to test what it smells like before going out with it, spray it on your wrists and let it sit all day. Take a whiff afterward and if you still like the smell, it’ll work well for you. [Read: How to pick the perfect perfume and smell great]

#5 Take their preferences into account. This really only works if you’re trying to smell good for someone specifically. Think about what they like and what they don’t. You know them by now and if they hate musky scents, avoid them. If your man isn’t that fond of fruity fragrances, don’t use them to smell good.

#6 Never rub the fragrance into your skin. Many people get this wrong and it can ruin your cologne or perfume. You’re always supposed to just dab the fragrance and leave it. Spray and leave it. Rubbing it into your skin changes the chemical makeup of it and that means it’ll smell different. And different is not always good.

#7 Avoid wild scents. You never know what people are going to like. For that reason, err on the side of caution. Use simple scents that a large majority of people would love. If you have some crazy fragrance you personally like, save it until you know the person will like it. [Read: 7 smelly body parts that can ruin great sex]

#8 Like the scent yourself. You can’t just go for scents that you know they’ll like but you hate. It’s fine if you know a girl loves some richer, sweeter scents but if you hate it, then don’t wear it. The more you dislike a cologne or perfume, the less likely you are to wear it and you’ll risk either smelling bad or acting irritated because you don’t like it.

#9 Freshen up throughout the evening. Don’t think that one application of some smell goods is enough. This is especially true if you’re going to be out and about going from bar to bar or club to club. And if there’s dancing? You’ll need to reapply.

Just be aware of how much you’re sweating and how long it’s been since you last applied something that can get rid of the stench. Staying fresh all night means reapplications.

#10 Spray your bare skin instead of your clothes. Many people don’t know that they’re supposed to apply colognes and perfumes directly to their skin. Realistically, you should hop out of the shower and spritz yourself before putting on clothes. This helps ignite the real fragrances by allowing it to work with your skin. And you won’t risk staining your shirt. [Read: How to ensure you smell good all over]

#11 Use scented soaps and lotions. If you’re just not into cologne or perfume and they give you a headache, they opt for some scented soaps and lotions. They’re a lot more subtle and won’t give you such an obvious nice smell, but they still work.

#12 Keep it light. You never want to overdo it. Using too much of a fragrance can often be worse than not using it at all. Remember, you’ll get used to the smell really quickly and won’t realize it’s there. Never reapply before at least three to five hours have passed.

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When it comes to dating, you really have to know how to smell good in order to increase your chances of landing that special someone. These tips will help you keep things fresh and pleasant.

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Published at Wed, 27 Dec 2017 19:33:03 +0000