How to Kiss Better So You Can Impress Everyone You Mack On

When it comes to kissing, you don’t want to be bad at it. Knowing how to kiss better can help you impress anyone your lips touch and land more dates.

Kissing is a very unique skill in that you need someone else in order to improve. It’s very difficult to learn how to kiss better without having someone to practice on. That being said, it’s still possible if you’re willing to work for it.

It’s also unique because being a good kisser is subjective. What’s good for someone can be awful for another. This makes it difficult to know if what you’re doing is right for a particular person. However, there are some things that most people tend to enjoy overall and improving those things can help you learn how to kiss better.

Remember that if someone really likes you, they won’t care if you’re a bad kisser

The thing with kissing is that you can easily improve with practice. Sure, you want to impress a person right away with your kissing skills but even if they’re not up to par, that person won’t mind if they truly like you.

If anything, they’ll be willing to practice with you and even tell you what they like. So keep in mind that if you’re trying to learn how to kiss better for someone in particular, getting them to like you first will lessen the need for it. [Read: 11 signs of a bad kisser and how to fix it]

How to kiss better and wow everyone you make out with

If you still want to get better regardless, we’re here to help. These methods can help you improve your kissing immensely. Remember to take your time and move slowly. Feeling out what a person responds well to can help you improve just as much as these tips.

#1 Make sure they want to kiss you. There’s really not much worse than someone kissing you without permission or without you wanting them to. This is almost a certain way to be the worst kisser and it won’t have anything to do with your skills, either.

Make sure the person you want to kiss actually wants you to. And read the signs correctly, too. Just because someone is being nice, doesn’t mean they want a kiss. [Read: How to get a guy to kiss you when you want him to]

#2 Think about the timing. You have to time your kiss just right. A lot of what makes an incredible kiss has less to do with the skill and more to do with timing. Wait for a romantic moment when you’re both alone.

Let the conversation die down before moving in a little, then wait a bit longer. Let the air thicken with sexual tension before making your move and it’ll make your kiss better.

#3 Build up anticipation. Anticipation is half the game when it comes to learning how to kiss better. You really want to let the sexual tension fester for a while. The more anticipation there is, the better the release will be.

How you kiss won’t matter quite as much when there’s a lot of anticipation. They’ll think it’s great no matter what. [Read: 10 ways to build sexual tension the flirty way]

#4 Connect mentally. Even if you’re just looking to make out with someone at a bar on the weekend, having a mental and emotional connection will make them think you’re a better kisser than you are. And although that’s not really a way to become a better kisser, it still works in your favor.

#5 Keep your breath fresh. Bad breath will ruin even the best of kisses. It’s not such a big deal if you just have mildly unpleasant breath but if it’s really bad, the whole kiss will be awful.

Nobody wants to lean in for a cute kiss only to be met with rancid breath. They don’t want to smell – or worse, taste – it. Keep some gum or a mint on you at all times and pop one in after you eat.

#6 Be slow. Don’t be so fast about your kiss. Use slow movements and the kiss will be a lot more sultry. The slower the kiss, the sexier it becomes. Yes, those people in movies always rush into a really powerful, passionate kiss but here in the real world, slow is better.

This way, you have time to gauge if the other person wants the kiss and working slowly with your lips leaves less room for teeth getting in the way or you doing something wrong in general. [Read: How to kiss passionately and romantically]

#7 Ease into it. This has more to do with your body and how you lean into the kiss than what you do with your lips. The key here is to lean in slowly and let the other person realize you’re about to kiss them.

Doing this spikes their nerves and is a great way to increase that anticipation. Plus, the smoother you are when easing into it, the better your kiss will feel. It won’t feel forced or rushed, which makes it fantastic.

#8 Use your hands. Don’t forget that you have hands. You don’t have to do anything crazy with them but placing one on the side of the face and drawing them into you is really sexy and can make that kiss extra special.

You can also place one had on their waist and pull them toward you with a smile. This is not only alluring, but a really easy way to be a better kisser. [Read: 15 techniques for that heartbeat-skipping kiss]

#9 Gauge their reaction. A lot of learning how to kiss better has to do with how the other person responds. Did they like what you did? Then keep doing it. One way to tell is if they arch their back into you or pull you in closer. These are signs they really like your kissing.

#10 Let them come back for more. Don’t be the one to lean in for another kiss after the first. In fact, pull out of the kiss a little early. Give them a slow, smooth kiss and then break away.

Let them come back for another. This is a huge sign they really liked the kiss and it’ll make you seem like a better kisser simply because they’re the one going back for more. [Read: How to make a girl want you more]

#11 Linger a little after. After you plan a sweet kiss on their lips, let your forehead rest against theirs for just a moment. Then move away and smile at them. It’s a very simple move, but it creates a bond. Having that connection makes you a much better kisser than those who just pull away right after a kiss.

#12 Less is more. This is specifically in reference to tongue, but it’s a good rule to follow overall. Too much tongue is gross and sloppy. Avoid doing too much by just grazing your tongue against their bottom lip. It’s enough to be sexy, but not too much.

[Read: 12 subtle moves to be a really good kisser]

Learning how to kiss better isn’t a quick process. The more experience you have, the more you’ll pick up on little things people like. Follow some of these tips as a general guideline, but pay attention to what that person seems to like most.

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Published at Wed, 06 Dec 2017 21:06:21 +0000