Does Playing Coy Actually Work? How to Do It & Be Effective AF

When it comes to snagging you that someone special, playing coy can be your best method. But how do you do it so it actually works? Here’s how.

The thing about playing coy is that you have to do it in a very specific way in order for it to work. Otherwise, you’ll just end up making someone feel shut out. It’s like you’re giving them the cold shoulder and they’ll just move on.

If you get it right, however, playing coy can be the best thing. With just the right amount of shyness presented in the right way, you can be really intriguing to someone. They’ll want to know more and it’ll create an interest in you based on nothing other than your body language, basically.

Being yourself is always important but adopting other traits can help immensely

You shouldn’t really pretend to be someone else when trying to get someone you like, but you can use certain elements and play up your qualities. There’s nothing wrong with putting your best foot forward in an attempt to attract someone.

Because often, we don’t make fair first impressions. Many people see someone, and just right there. Maybe they say hello or maybe they just judge from body language from afar. The point is, being coy can help attract someone instantly so they can get a chance to know the real you. [Read: How to be yourself in 14 steps to love being you]

How to play coy and actually have an effect on the right person

Once again, this isn’t the easiest method to nail down, but it can be extremely effective if done right. The key is learning the balance and putting these tips to use often so you can perfect this skill.

#1 Practice your coy expression in the mirror. There’s nothing wrong with getting in front of a mirror and practicing your expressions. Some people don’t realize what they look like during certain moments and getting in front of a mirror is just one way to figure it out.

You can alternate going from your normal expressions to a more shy, coy one – as if you just saw someone you think is really attractive. This can help make the switch feel and look more genuine in person.

#2 Flit your eyes to them often. People who are coy don’t make a point to stare. That’s bold and aggressive. Instead, you should flit your eyes to them and wait until they see you. Do this often so they can repeatedly catch you looking at them and then turning away out of shyness. [Read: Determining if eye contact attraction is powerful or fatal]

#3 Let them catch you staring and look away and down. After you’ve been looking at them over and over again for a while, go ahead and let them catch you. Then, as they do, look away and down, as if you’re embarrassed they caught you.

This method shows them you’re interested while also hinting at coyness. You can also maintain a smile as you look away, too.

#4 Look back to them after they caught you staring. Now that you’ve got their attention, you have to do something with it. Instead of just avoiding eye contact and making it seem like you’re not interested, look again.

Not only does this solidify that you’re interested, but it might even prompt them to come over, all while maintaining an air of coyness. [Read: 10 subtle eye contact flirting moves that always work]

#5 Smile at them while facing your head down. Not only is this move flirty and coy, it’s also sexy. If they come over, look up and then down right away and smile. It’s like you can’t make eye contact because you’re shy. This is both adorable and they’ll feel the need to win your trust – which means they’ll pay more attention and work harder.

#6 Keep a small smile as you talk. Pretend like you know an intimate secret about them. This will help you keep a very interesting smile on your face that they’ll want to know more about. They’ll keep digging and digging until they figure out what has you smiling so much. The kicker? They’ll never find out.

#7 Look down often. Those who are coy tend to introspect. That means you’ll have to appear as though you’re thinking intently and that can be achieved by looking down often.

Whenever they ask a question about you, look down before answering. It’ll also make you seem as though you’re hiding something and that’ll make them want to know even more about you. [Read: How to be a seductress without being obvious]

#8 Bite your lip. This is coy, sexy, and very playful. It’s best to do this only in small doses as it can easily be overdone and lose its appeal. If they ask you a question or give you a nice compliment, bite your lip.

You can even bite your lip and look down, as if you’re trying to shield a smile or something else. Just make sure not to do this for too long and not answer the question. You’re playing coy, not stupid.

#9 Giggle at their jokes. Giggling is cute and it’s much less obvious than a full-out laugh. When they make jokes and try to get you to laugh, just giggle quietly. You can even keep a smile and pretend like you’re trying not to laugh. This presents them with a challenge they can’t refuse. [Read: How to make a girl laugh, smile and like you instantly]

#10 Don’t be forthcoming with information. They key to playing coy is to be mysterious. That’s easily achievable if you keep some information to yourself. You have to pretend like the stuff they want to know is privileged information.

Obviously, you have to open up a little bit. You can’t just avoid or dodge every question. If you do, they’ll think something is wrong with you and won’t be interested. Give some and then hold back on others. It’ll make them want to get all the answers.

#11 Speak softly. Once again, playing coy is all about being subtle and mysterious. You can’t go around blabbing and being loud-mouthed and expect to have the same results. Instead, focus on speaking softly. Make them lean in to get a better listen. [Read: 30 subtle, obvious and really sexy flirting tips]

#12 Gradually open up. You can’t just stay coy and shy forever. There’s a point when you have to be a bit more open or they’ll just see you as someone who’s not interested.

So gradually open up. The more they dig, the more you let them in. But if they keep asking question after question, feel free to dodge a few here and there so they make more of an effort. If it’s a challenge, they’ll want to work harder.

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If you want to attract someone, playing coy is a great way to do so – but only if you know how to do it right. These tips will help you feign shyness to land a hottie who can then get to know you better.

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Published at Sun, 28 Jan 2018 18:47:59 +0000